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Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Cooperation Center


About Us

Zhejiang Provincial Science & Technology Cooperation Center (hereinafter referred to as ZSTCC, or the Center) is a specialized agency affiliated to Zhejiang Provincial Science and Technology Department, focusing on international and domestic science and technology cooperation as well as high-end talent services. The Center aims to serve as a bridge and provide a platform to coordinate resources and facilitate cooperation, in an effort to build Zhejiang as a strong province in innovative development. The Center provides one-stop services to enterprises, universities, research institutes and government agencies for them to conduct S&T and talent exchange activities with counterparts at home and abroad.



►Zhejiang International Science and Technology Exchange Center With Foreign Countries was established in 1984 and was affiliated to the then Foreign Affairs Division of Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province, focusing on international science and technology exchange activities.

►The Center was officially established in 2000 as an agency affiliated to Science and Technology Department of Zhejiang Province. The Center focused on international technology transfer and provided professional services to the government and SMEs in Zhejiang province, including international technology transfer, S&T exchange, talent introduction, conferences and exhibitions, missions and trainings, etc.

►The Center was restructured and renamed as Zhejiang Science and Technology Cooperation Center in 2019 during institutional reform, and was assigned with additional functions such as domestic S&T cooperation, S&T talent service, etc., providing full-range specialized services to institutions in the province.


Main Responsibility

► To carry out S&T cooperation and exchange activities such as exhibitions and conferences at home and abroad; to organize and promote the introduction and export of technologies.

► To support and provide liaison services for high-end S&T talents; to assist with management of foreign experts working in China and evaluation of S&T talents; to promote exchange and attraction of S&T talents.

► To provide consulting service and services relevant to S&T exchange missions and trainings.

► To support regional S&T cooperation, S&T assistance to oriented areas, introduction of renowned colleges and universities, S&T cooperation projects, management of cooperative platforms, etc.



Organization and Functions




Department of Technology Cooperation  

 Organize and host S&T exchange events and conferences at home and abroad

 Identity demands for technology cooperation and seek for potential partners

 Facilitate cooperation on promoting Yangtze River Delta STI Integration

 Facilitate international S&T cooperation projects; build and maintain international S&T cooperation channels and resources database in the province

 Provide policy research and consulting services for S&T cooperation at home and abroad


Department of S&T Exchange 

 Organize and host S&T exhibitions at home and abroad

 Organize domestic and foreign exchange activities, missions and trainings for researchers, technology managers and entrepreneurs in the province, and provide corresponding services


Department of Talent Service  

 Organize and host exchange activities for domestic and foreign S&T talents.

 Facilitate and provide consulting services for introduction of S&T talents

 Responsible for liaising with academicians, high-end foreign experts and other high-level S&T personnel.

 Provide other supporting services to S&T talents



 Administration, Human Resources and Finance.


Contact Us

Department of Technology Cooperation  

Tel: 0571-87978953

Fax: 0571-87987413

E-mail: cooperation@zjinfo.gov.cn


Department of S&T Exchange 

Tel: 0571-87978029

Fax: 0571-87996061

E-mail: jiaoliu@zjinfo.gov.cn


Department of Talent Service  

Tel: 0571-87995980

Fax: 0571-87987413

E-mail: talentserv@zjinfo.gov.cn 



Tel: 0571-87973767

Fax: 0571-86473529

E-mail: zstcc_office@zjinfo.gov.cn